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Each building has a floor plan and schematic plan for each story, and a foundation plan, a roof plan, and elevations.

The floor plan:

The schematic plan serves as a guide for licensed specialists who will prepare electrical, plumbing, and mechanical working drawings. It shows the locations of lamps, switches, duplex outlets, cable outlets, phone outlets, chime units, exhaust fans, smoke detectors, heat registers, garage door openers, and interconnecting wiring.

The foundation plan dimensions the slab and shows footings for exterior walls, interior bearing walls, interior braced walls, and unit partitions. A footing detail describes the construction of the footings. The plan also shows landings, garage drains, and post piers.

The roof plan dimensions the planes, shows the vents, calls out the slopes, and describes the overhangs.

Elevations show all sides, and sometimes a midsection view as well.