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Houses on Individual Lots

These are house developments for two-acre sites. Each house has a sizable back yard.

East or west entry

The goosehead and hammerhead cul-de-sac developments have common areas, which might be required by the zoning ordinance. The bulbhead cul-de-sac development has no common and uses the space for additional houses.

Goosehead cul-de-sac, nine units houses, east, goosehead

Hammerhead cul-de-sac, eight units houses, east, hammerhead

Bulbhead cul-de-sac, ten units houses, east, bulbhead

North or south entry

The site plans for east or west entry can be rotated 90 degrees if solar orientation is unimportant because the site receives little sun. If solar orientation is important, a hammerhead cul-de-sac works better than a goosehead or bulbhead cul-de-sac because it can be stretched to conform to the site.

Common driveways, eight units houses, north, common

This plan has no driveways from the abutting street. If the zoning ordinance allows such driveways, houses with front-entry attached garages can be used on the front lots.

Hammerhead cul-de-sac, nine units houses, north, hammerhead